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Density converter

About this converter

This density converter masters the most common units of the metric and the Anglo-American system. The SI unit of density is kilograms per cubic meter. Most often, however, density is reported in grams per cubic centimeter, which is the same. In the case of liquid bodies, the density is often also given in kilograms per liter. <! - end of excerpt ->

Density determination

According to Archimedes’ principle, a body immersed in gas or liquid experiences a buoyancy force equal to the weight of the water (or gas) displaced. This fact can be used to calculate the density of substances by determining the weight of the material in two gases or liquids with a known density and converting and calculating the difference to the density sought. See [Determination of density by buoyancy] (

Metric density units

The density units of the metric system that can be converted with this converter are (increasing in size) kilograms per cubic meter (kg / m ^ 3), kilograms per liter or cubic decimeter (kg / dm ^ 3 or kg / l), grams per milliliter or cubic centimeter (g / cm ^ 3 or g / ml) and tons per cubic meter (t / m ^ 3). The last three are identical. The SI unit of density is kilograms per cubic meter.

Unit kg per cubic meter
Kilograms per m³ 1
Kilograms per liter or dm³ 1000
Grams per ml or cm³ 1000
Tons per m³ 1000

Anglo-American density units

Anglo-American (imperial) density units that can be converted using this converter include pounds per cubic inch (pounds per cubic inch, lb / cu in or lb / in ^ 3), pounds per cubic foot (pounds per cubic foot, lb / cu) ft or lb / ft ^ 3), pounds per cubic yard (pounds per cubic yard, lb / cu yd or lb / yd ^ 3) and pounds per gallon (pounds per gallon, lb / gal). The American pound and the international oil barrel are used.

Unit kg per cubic meter
Pounds per cubic inch (lb / cu in) 27679.9047
Pounds per cubic foot (lb / cu ft) 16.0184634
Pounds per cubic yard (lb / cu yd) 0.593276421
Pounds per gallon (lb / gal) 119.826427


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