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Area converter

About this converter

This area converter includes all common area units of the metric and Anglo-American system, some old German units and other area dimensions. Even if this converter has been programmed to the best of our knowledge and certainty, it is not always possible to guarantee 100% accuracy, especially in the case of old units for area dimensions that are no longer used today, since these often differed from region to region.

Anglo-American area dimensions

The area dimensions of the Anglo-American system (or imperial system) represented in this converter include the square feet (square feet, sq ft. Or rarely also ft.²), the acre (ac, not to be confused with the hectare) and the square mile ( square mile, sq mi. or rarely mi.²). Today, square feet are used primarily in the United States for the specification of living space sizes. Square miles are mostly used in agriculture, just like the acre. These units were not always standardized, even if they are today. Caution should be exercised particularly with older information that does not originate from the US, Anglo-American or British area.

Unit square meter
Acre (ac) 4046.856
Square Miles 2.58999e6
Square Feet 0.092903

These and other Anglo-American (imperial) units can be converted into metric units, Old German area units and all other available area dimensions using the unit converter. Found suggestions or errors? Let me know!

Metric area dimensions

The metric area units that can be converted with this converter are (sorted by size) the square micrometer (µm², qµm), the square millimeter (mm², qmm), the square centimeter (cm², qcm), the square decimeter (dm², qdm), the square meter (m², qm), the square kilometer (km², qkm) as well as the lesser known units Ar (a) and the Dunam used in the Near East. In addition, the hectare used in German agriculture can be converted.

Unit square meter
Square micrometer (µm²) 1e-12
Square millimeter (mm²) 1e-6
Square centimeters (cm²) 1e-4
Square decimeter (dm²) 1e-2
Square meter (m²) 1
Ar (a) 100
Dunam 1000
Hectares (ha) 10000
Square kilometers (km²) 1e6

The SI unit of the area is the square meter.

Further area units

Other area units in this converter that cannot be assigned to either the metric system or the Anglo-American system are: The morning was an area used until the 20th century and roughly corresponded to the area that could be plowed with a single-blade horse or ox plow in one morning. The hooves, also called Hube in southern Germany, are a very different area, which originally describes the area that a member of the farming community is entitled to and can be managed by him and his family. It corresponded to about 30 acres. The Barn (b), a unit of measurement for specifying cross sections in atomic, nuclear and particle physics. The Pyeong (Hangeul 평, Hanja 坪) is a preferred area in Korea for homes

Unit square meter
Tomorrow 2500
Hooves 75000
Barn (b) 1e-28
Pyeong 3.30578512397

It is of course possible to convert into all of these units, into all of these units and within these units. If a unit for areas that you would like to convert is missing here, please do not let me know: [Suggestions] (suggestions) The same applies to errors in the conversion: [error report] (error report)


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